Hide and Seek

One day a child was playing hide and seek with her father. She held her hands completely over her eyes and said, “Come find me daddy!” Playing along, her dad replied, “I wonder where my little girl is?” She grinned out from under her hands. She was so sure of her safety! She was completely in the dark. With her hands over her eyes, she couldn’t see anything, so she assumed that her daddy couldn’t see her either.

Foolish as it may seem. At times, we all act the same way. We sneak out to have a drink, hide to watch porn, wait till its dark to have sex—all when we think no one else is watching. We are so careful to make sure that our family, friends, and church members maintain a good opinion of us, but we care less as to what God thinks of our actions. We think that because we can’t see God, God can’t see us. But nothing is ever hidden from God. Not the things we do, not the words we say, the thoughts we think, nor the places we go. Whether its morning, noon, or night—nothing is ever hidden from God. 

“He knows everything—doesn’t He also know what you are doing?” – Psalm 94:10


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