A Reflection of you

It was beautiful.

It sat.

Basking in the sun.


Relentless in the rain.

Mama, its scent was “oh so sweet!”

Swaying in the cool evening breeze. And yes, ever so soft.

But now?

She passed it by.

Come on. It was always there. I mean Yes, the first few times it made her pause–never even making it to her destination! Its beauty overwhelmed her.

And later, she paid homage every time she walked its way. One glance, and she knew she was blessed. One touch and she shared her love.

But day after day, week after week, month after month.

It was there.

And she rushed past it each day forgetting to pay homage. Forgetting to say, “Thank you,” or “I love you” In her heart she knew she earned it. She became blind to its beauty. Of course, she deserved its splendor! Those scents. That resilience. She owned it!

All around her, blessings became burdens, as they took away her ability to be grateful. She forgot the appreciation of the simple, and simply craved the acquisition of more. But the desperate hope was in the chase, and at the attainment—joy was fleeting. Its hope was simply replaced by the hope for more.

The bubble burst.

It began to wilt.

It’s scent changed and its beauty morphed.

The wind no longer caused its sway,

and resilience

was replaced by weariness.

And for a while, she didn’t even notice. But as her life fell into pieces, she began to slow down. No longer in a rush to get to her destination, she took time to look at the things around her. When she saw its once proud head bent and wilted she screamed! In anger she blamed it for its own demise. It was useless! Weak! And undeserving of her.

Fury blinded her. But looking up she saw much more like it. Growing proudly across the way.

Falling to her knees she knew it was her hand that gave the deathblow.

She neglected it.

Her love was supposed to make it thrive.

But she had forgotten to love what she had instead of always searching for more.

She turned her back and ran!

But she came back.

Fresh soil in her hands, she carefully knelt down. Placing the soil lovingly at its roots. Her tears were its water. And her love was its food.


Day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

It grew.

Till once again it stood tall and proud.

As it grew, she also began to change. She no longer rushed in her pursuit of more. Instead she found happiness in less. She began to be thankful for what she had instead of what she didn’t. And it all multiplied and grew the more.

reflection of you

Dont forget to love the people around you. They are an outward reflection of you.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by kkw on May 13, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    Beautiful piece, beautifully written.


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