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Don’t look at someone’s success and see your failure.

If my future self could tell my past self something, that would be it.

Tomorrow I sit before a committee and I look for validation. And tomorrow I will walk in there convinced that I don’t need their validation in order to be a success. But tonight. Tonight I wish I had it.

Have you ever realized how much of our life is spent trying to be seen? No, not to be looked at. But to really be seen.

For someone to see your pain, your struggles, your attempts, your failures, your desire, your hopes.

We want to open ourselves up,
without being emptied.

We want to be seen,
without being judged.

And we want to go to bed full,
without waking up empty.

We open ourselves up to people, looking for solace, hope, acceptance.

And when we have found it we feel for a moment as if we’ve found ourselves.

But without it we are just a glass half empty. We wait to be filled: with compliments, pleasure, money, admiration, success, love.

But people, money, success, admiration, love,
they pour in just as much as they take out.

Quench your thirst, but I wonder how far, how long, how much, who or what, will it take till you’ve finally realized it will never be enough.