What we see on TV and in movies has become more real to us than our own reality. We plan our lives around shows, we leave work to watch sporting events. We halt our lives to watch other people live theirs. We look to the media to define for us what love is, or what happiness is. We ask them to show us how to talk, how to walk, where to go, and what to wear when we get there. We’ve become so fascinated with the surreal that we no longer appreciate what is real. Real things like the cellulite on her thighs, the tears in a mother’s eyes, the fact that he snores when he sleeps, or that you have a college degree and yet you find it hard affording food to eat.

Sometimes we need to realize that our life is not a movie. It cannot be condensed into less than 2hrs and it is not filled with only picturesque moments. There is no white picket fence, there is no perfect ending. Life is struggles, hardships, and imperfections. There is no perfect soul mate waiting to sneak up on us and make us feel complete. There are however, perfectly imperfect people whose positives outweigh their negatives, and whose strengths balance our weaknesses. There is no perfect job where everyone likes us and we are never looked over. There are hard times, starting over times, moving on times, and learning from our past times. There is no promised happily ever after, but there is waking up each morning and deciding to make the best of the day that has been granted.

We often think that we have roadblocks in life, but those roadblocks are our life. Our life is the awkward pauses on a date, it’s sharing the sidewalk with someone not knowing which side their gonna take, its break ups, make ups, success, failures, happiness, and sadness. Life is beautiful, and life is messy. Your life is beautiful, your life is messy. Sometimes it’s lonely, boring, hard, but it literally is whatever you make of it. Don’t waste your reality chasing someone else’s fantasy.


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