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She said don’t be mad about what you don’t have like you even deserve to have the things you do.
He said don’t cry and shout at the results of things at one point you wanted too.
They said, stop screaming victim VICTIM
When you are the victim and the abuser fused.


We said, “DROP!”

the entitlement bullshit.

The I wish, I want,

I desire… this and that.

Look in the mirror,

face facts(!)
No one was meant to leave this world in twos

so grab the glue,

pick up the pieces

whats stopping you from being whole and new.


Time to wake up




I woke up with my hands fisted.
My eyes were slits and my heart was beating,
but not lifted.

    Bump, bump, bump.

Slow, steady,
beating like it was caged and had given up hope of escape.
Laying quiet like a mute
my mind screamed(!)

    while my lips barely moved.

Breathing in I took just a little air,
I was conserving the rest,

    my attempt at being fair.

The alarm had given up with it’s ringing
knowing I slept on like one not living.

    I braced myself and shifted,

feet hit the ground,
but it was my mind that was sprinting.

    Shower was on water spilling.

Cleansed a lot
but never enough.
Alas, my time was up. 
Time to wake up.

Hated me first




      They threw stones and it hurt


      I fell, tasted blood


      or was it dirt.


Life is such that you can either disappoint people or you can disappoint yourself. People can hate you, or you can hate yourself. It’s easy to stay in a place of sadness and self pity, but wallowing in misery does nothing to change your circumstances. At some point you need to accept the hand life has dealt you. Accept the the bad times just like you accepted the good and move forward. You can’t force anyone to stay in your life if they have decided it’s their time to go. God has a wonderful way of showing you what is right by taking things away, bringing new things in, and letting some of the old stay.


People often have negative things to say but if at every point in life you stay true to yourself and who you are, don’t worry about what everyone else has to say. Luke 6:26 says “Woe unto you, when all men speak well of you.” Instead of focusing on people who quite frankly don’t put food on your table, pay your bills, wake you up every morning, or lift you up when you’re down–focus on God who helps you do all these things. As a Christian when you realize Jesus was hated by many, it’s easier to accept that no matter who you are, people will hate you. In John 15:18, Jesus said, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”


    Take heart. God Bless.