Time to wake up




I woke up with my hands fisted.
My eyes were slits and my heart was beating,
but not lifted.

    Bump, bump, bump.

Slow, steady,
beating like it was caged and had given up hope of escape.
Laying quiet like a mute
my mind screamed(!)

    while my lips barely moved.

Breathing in I took just a little air,
I was conserving the rest,

    my attempt at being fair.

The alarm had given up with it’s ringing
knowing I slept on like one not living.

    I braced myself and shifted,

feet hit the ground,
but it was my mind that was sprinting.

    Shower was on water spilling.

Cleansed a lot
but never enough.
Alas, my time was up. 
Time to wake up.

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