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How much of our life do we spend searching for, seeking, or desiring the companionship of others? Whether family, friends, or lovers, oftentimes we are searching for someone to share our life experiences with. We use the presence of others to keep us from feeling the full force of the burdens we carry from day to day.


The problem comes however, when we are so dependent on other people that we are unable feel content when we are alone. We automatically equate being alone with being lonely so we avoid embracing time spent in solitude.


Even when we do find ourselves isolated from society even momentarily—we reach to our phone, tablet, or laptop to plug us back in. It is priceless to be able to find peace in solitude, to quiet the voices of doubt, regret, stress, pain, and loss, and to see life as a gift without feeling the need to drown yourself in outside voices.






The negative thing about social media is that often times it distracts you from reality. On social media we create perceptions of ourselves and our lives and we feed it to the masses. We showcase our best pictures, our most witty sayings, and our great triumphs. We often skip over the hurdles, pretend everything is perfect behind the scenes, and feed off of likes, shares, and comments of those who are on the very periphery of our everyday lives.

Social media is like a fairy tale. And like most fairy tales, it makes the reality in comparison something disappointing. Social media encourages jealously, envy, and feelings of self inadequacy. Life without social media would force one to be more plugged into actual face-to-face, person-to-person interactions. We would see events simply as experiences and memories, instead of as something to document and share with everyone we know, and even those we don’t really know.

Maybe your personal satisfaction with your life, family, and your significant other, might seem more substantial without being constantly compared–whether consciously or unconsciously–with others. Maybe you would cherish those in your life who stick around for every up and down a little more. Maybe you’d value each conversation you have and every event you went to if you were actually focused on the now instead of on the notifications. Try being unplugged for a bit, and maybe you will find that you, your life, and your relationships are better for it.