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You [don’t] deserve better

What do you do when the problem is you?

Okay, let me rephrase that. What do you do when you’re the one with blood on your shirt, smoking gun in hand, and fingerprints all over the crime scene?

i.e. You Screwed up!

Sigh. Let’s just start from the beginning.

So you remember that person you never thought you’d be? Yeahh, that girl. The clingy one, unstable, with serious emotional issues? Or that guy who girls look at then run the other way?? I mean you grew up, just assuming you’d have ‘swag.’ But then you got diagnosed with halitosis and inherited your pop’s double chin.

Sigh. Life’s rough, I know. Though I’m pretty sure it’s rough for the majority of the world too. So let’s not waste much time pitying ourselves.
I went online the other day looking for some motivation, and all I saw were some trite self absorbed posts about how: “You don’t need him,” and “you deserve better,” or “she wasnt meant for you.”

And then I just sat back and thought to myself. Dangg. Unless we are all living in some kind of fairytale, (that I was never invited to, I might add). The ‘other’ person is not always wrong, or messed up. Sometimes the person with the issues is you!

You’re the one with the drama and the baggage.

Darling. If the same things keep happening to you over and over again, eventually it should start to dawn on you that there are one of two options: Either the whole world is all the same–and sucks miserably. Or child. You are a bit messed up.

So my advice? Stop trying to fix others, and fix yourself. Heal, grow, learn, move on, and play the cards you were dealt with in this life. Life aint always sunshine, but imma try to hold out for the rainbow after the rain.


Be the better you deserve.

Good luck 😉